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WSI Welcomes A New Class Of Incoming Freshman - The Largest Ever!

WSI is pleased to announce that a new class of eight incoming freshman were selected and began high school in August. They are five girls: Elsie, Irene, Anastasia, Clarity, and Viviane. And three boys: Stephen, John, and Victor. These are students who have excelled academically, but lacked the resources to obtain a good high school education. They come from several areas across Kenya and traveled to Nakuru with their families to purchase school supplies and enroll at the boarding schools. In Nakuru, they were met by other WSI high school graduates who helped them settle in to their new home.

One of the new students, Elyse, comes from the region of East Pokot. East Pokot is rural and arid area of Kenya, where many families herd cattle and goats in a semi-nomadic lifestyle. Children, especially girls, in East Pokot face many obstacles to education including pressure to work, seasonal nomadism, marriage at a young age, lack of support, and poverty. WSI worked with the local priest, Father Alfonce, to identify Elyse as a promising student.

By now, the students have settled in and begun learning and making friends in their new schools. For some, it will be the first time they have worn new shoes and not shared their bed with their family. They are embarking on an exciting new stage of life and we wish them the best.

Update: In January 2022, WSI was informed that Elsie would not be returning to school because of unforeseen family circumstances. We have held open the scholarship should she return.

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