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"Buy me a big house and plenty of food"

"Work hard and when you complete your schooling, buy me a big house and plenty of food." Those were the words of the grandmother of one of WSI's new students, wishing her granddaughter Angela success at a school. Angela is one of eleven freshman who started high school two months ago, paid for by World Scholarship Initiative. Angela is from the county of Makueni in south east Kenya, a semi-arid and rural area, where she lived with her mother, grandmother, and sister.

Angela with her family and the local priest

After Angela received the scholarship, she and her mother traveled to the town of Nakuru, where the high school is located. Angela went shopping for her new school clothes and other school supplies. Soon she had met the other six girls that WSI is sponsoring this year and they got to know each other over a big dinner of fried chicken. On the first day of school, the seven new WSI students took a picture together.

Angela on right, in her new school uniform, on the grounds of the high school. The other students, from left, are Mary, Michelle, Faith, Conjestina, Cynthia, and Happy.

Angela is a member of WSI's class of 2025. Those seven girls and four boys are the largest ever entering class for WSI. Each student has been selected because he or she finished eighth grade at the top of their class, but lacked the funds and family support to attend a good high school. In the rural areas where these students come from, there were little options for the future except to join their families herding cows or goats or growing crops.

WSI identified these students because they show ability and determination. WSI provides the students with the full cost of a high school education: tuition and fees at a boarding school, uniforms and school supplies, and all other associated expenses. The expected cost to fully educate each student is around $900 per year. Will you make a donation to help support Angela and the other students?


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