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The Schools


Students attend selected high schools in Nakuru, the third-largest city in Kenya. Like many high schools in Kenya, they are single-sex boarding schools. Students attend classes for nine months, with a one-month break after each term. At boarding school, the students benefit from a supportive, safe, academic environment. Through the achievement of the students, WSI has earned the support and endorsement of school leadership.

As part of the dress code, the schools require both girls and boys to maintain shaved heads. The red jackets and sweaters identify students with a role in student government.

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Strive For Straight A's


The students thrive in high school, taking on leadership roles and earning admission and scholarships to competitive post-high school programs.


Every student overcomes many obstacles before receiving a WSI scholarship in the eighth grade, and continues to demonstrate a deep desire for education.


The students are competitive with their peers, who often come from more affluent backgrounds. All students get good grades, and some score among the top 5% of their class.


The students are universally appreciative for the opportunity to continue their education.  Read the students' gratitude in their own words in their letters to donors.

Meet Our Students


Current Students


High School Graduates


Higher Ed Students

Higher Ed Students


Student Spotlight

In 2021, Peris graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Chemistry. She was a member of the first cohort of students sponsored by WSI in 2013 and is the first to complete university. She dedicated her thesis to WSI:

“I dedicate this project to World Scholarship Initiative (WSI) for this continuous support throughout my secondary and tertiary education.”

Peris now mentors other students in the higher ed program.

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