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"She hugged me and shed tears of joy"

What did your parents do when you started high school? For the mother of Belinda, who joined high school last month, the experience was overwhelming. On seeing her daughter enter the school, she shed tears at the enormity of it all.

WSI coordinator Millie told us "One of the parents was so emotional that she hugged me and shed tears of joy. She was very grateful to WSI for sponsorship."

That joyful moment is the payoff for the investment of WSI supporters. For ten years, donors like you have created moments like this. The cost of a complete, high quality high school education is around $4,000. For the student and their family, it pays a lifetime of rewards.

For eleven bright Kenyan students, last month their dreams of attending high school came true. These seven girls and four boys and their parents traveled from their rural homes to the town of Nakuru, where they bought new clothes, mattresses, shoes, and school books. For many of them, this was their first time purchasing new school supplies. It was also their first time joining a private boarding school, the gold standard of education in Kenya.

From left to right, the girls are Belinda, Blessing, Jackline, Macrine, Sheila, Abigail and Salome. They shine in their new school uniforms, the mark of a high school student everywhere in Kenya.

The boys are Nehemiah, Timothy, Simon and Vincent:

The cost for these students to attend high school will be $44,000 over the next four years. We're counting on you to make that possible. Please consider a donation today.


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