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Three new students

By Tom Bode, President

With a new year comes new students. In Kenya, eighth grade students receive the results of their all-important national test, the KCPE, in December. In January, we learned which students from St. Paul’s Primary School have been accepted into our partner high schools.

We are pleased to announce that this year two students from St. Paul’s qualified for a World Scholarship Initiative scholarship: Yvonne and Robinson. Yvonne will join four other WSI scholars at the girls’ high school, Christ the King Girls Boarding School. Robinson will join one other boy at the boys’ high school, Loreto Boys Boarding School.

That’s not all. This year, for the first time, WSI has identified a student from another primary school, Bondeni Primary. Located a short distance from St. Paul’s Primary School, Bondeni Primary faces many of the same issues as St Paul’s: lack of funding and a student population that is quite poor. In an experiment to expand our reach, WSI has accepted Eunice from Bondeni Primary to join Yvonne and the others at Christ the King.

These students works hard in primary school and did well. Thanks to the support of our donors, WSI can provide these students with the opportunity to attend a high school fitting for their drive and intellect.





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