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High school grad returns to technical college, with WSI support

By Tom Bode, WSI President

Everyone wanders a bit after graduating high school, as we try to find our way in the world. For one WSI student, that path led him back to school, with WSI support.

WSI’s higher education program focuses on students at four-year universities. Earlier this year, however, WSI embarked on an experiment to support a student earning a three-year diploma at a technical college.

WSI sponsored Vincent through high school. When he graduated in 2019, he did not earn admission to university, and returned to his parents’ home in the countryside. He was unable to find work and his parents could not support him, so he returned to the city where he stayed with a friend, again struggling to find work. At that time he contacted WSI and asked for support to earn a technical degree.

WSI helped him to register for classes at the Rift Valley Institute of Science and Technology, where he is in a three-year program to earn a degree in Information, Communication and Technology. He receives the same monthly stipend of support as WSI students at university.

Vincent recently wrote a lengthy letter explaining his path from high school to technical college. You can read the letter here.

Tom, WSI President and Vincent in May 2019

He wrote,

“I am happy that I have a chance to be grateful to all that you have done for me. Thank you very much for everything and for the support. You have inspired me a lot and showed me hope in this life. May God bless you and be with you in everything that you do.

Stay safe always the world needs people like you.”

Vincent is nearing the completion of his first year at technical college. Thanks to the support of WSI, he has found his way, and has a safe place to live and a bright future.

That’s something everyone can feel good about.


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