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Making the impossible become possible

Last year, a girl named Mitchelle finished 8th grade at the top of her class, but because she lived in a poor, rural area of Kenya, she could not go to high school. She was the third of four children and her father had died when she was young. Her mother simply could not afford it. Mitchelle obtained interviews for two scholarships, but didn’t get them. Then, she heard that she had been selected for the WSI scholarship. She told us what happened:

“I was very euphoric and also it was my most memorable day. I thought I was dreaming. Tears of joy rolled down my cheeks. I was in shock. It was the day I surely say everything impossible will be possible. It was the day my parent added more days to live. She was jubilant until she was not able to wipe away tears.”

Thanks to your assistance in the past, Mitchelle and other students have seen the impossible become possible.

Mitchelle has now spent two terms at Christ the King school for girls. At the end of the first term, her class rank was 2 out of 45. At the end of the second term, she did even better and tied with another student for the position of number one. That other student is also sponsored by WSI.

Mitchelle (second from left) with her classmates

These girls, who have so much raw talent and potential, needed just a bit of financial assistance to reach the heights of success.

WSI supports 26 other students in high school with stories like Mitchelle’s. With your support, they are flourishing. On behalf of these students, thank you so much for your support.

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