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Four More?

By Tom Bode, President

Here’s a quick update on what’s happening at WSI:

The Kenyan school year ends on November 14, at which point our five current students will have 3 weeks of extra tutoring (that sort of thing is common there) before heading home for Christmas. Some will stay in Nakuru, while other will go to their “home home” – that is, the rural village where their family is from.

Meanwhile, eighth graders across the country will take their final Primary School Exam over three days, which determines which high schools they can get into. The word on the ground is that there are up to four students who could score high enough to earn a scholarship from us – and all four are girls! Millie, our Kenya organizer, asked me how many of the four we could sponsor. I told her all four – how could we leave any deserving student out?

Please remember that we have wonderful Handmade in Kenya notecards for sale – 10 for $20, including shipping! Even Amazon can’t beat that. Your donation means that we will be prepared to sponsor as many students as are deserving next year. Thank you!

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