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End of first term

The three sponsored girls have finished their first term at Christ the King Girls Boarding Academy. Following the Kenyan school calendar, they had a four week holiday during the month of April.

Katie and Tom took that opportunity to take the three girls and Millie, their teacher from St. Paul’s Primary school, out to lunch. It was their first time visiting a restaurant with a menu. They shared stories from their first term at school and expressed their thanks at being able to attend the school. Life at Christ the King is not easy: lights out is at 10:30 and lights on is at 5:30; meat is served only once a week, and nearly the entire day is scheduled with classes, activities, and study sessions. Despite this, the girls said they were having a great time and making lots of friends.

Each of the three sponsored girls has written a letter to you, our donors. They are full of life and stories from the school and definitely worth reading. You can open the letters in a PDF here.

You can also see the grade reports for each of the students. Keep in mind that grades in Kenya may be much lower than you are used to. Look at the student’s ranking in the class (out of 111 students) as an alternative indicator of their performance. A student must have an overall grade of at least a “B” to be eligible for university.

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