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Countdown to Launch

The teams of volunteers at St. Paul’s Academic Achievement Scholarship program have been busy preparing for the launch of our website and fundraising campaign this coming Friday, February 8. Despite our best efforts to remain hidden until that time, the idea of directly contributing to the education of brilliant and needy Kenyans has been irresistible and we have welcomed our first several donations. Our problem: too many donations, too soon. It’s a great problem to have. Thanks to the hard work of our Oregon-based staff, we are well equipped to accept these donations in the most secure and professional manner. Donating to St. Paul’s Academic Achievement Scholarship program is now so easy, it’s hard NOT to!

Down the road in Kenya, our team on the ground has completed the most important event of the year for the scholarship program: selecting which students will receive the scholarship this year. After reviewing KCPE exam results and meeting with the administration of St. Paul’s Primary School, three girls were selected to receive for free the best possible secondary school education. Each of these three girls has a compelling story of overcoming obstacles to her education and performed admirably on the national primary school exam. We are very excited to be able to reward these girls for their hard work and achievement so far – something we could not do without you. Details on the 2013 St. Paul’s Academic Achievement Scholarship awardees will follow shortly!

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