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Become a Traveler with WSI

By far, encountering the Kenyan people and their culture, was my favorite part of my visit to Kenya – and most especially, meeting and talking with our Kenyan students.

- Jacque B. (WSI Traveler 2019)

WSI invites you to join us on a trip to Kenya. Go beyond the game drives and experience an authentic connection with the welcoming people of Kenya. We can customize an itinerary that can be added to your safari trip.

A safari to see the wildlife and amazing landscapes of East Africa is the experience of a lifetime. But most visitors never get off the well-worn safari circuit and the only Kenyans they meet are their tour operators. With us, you get out of the truck, off the paved road, and meet the people who live in this place. It's a chance to use your trip to do good and strengthen the connections that tie humans together across continents.


Our trips are flexible to accommodate your schedule, interests, and desired activity level. You can meet WSI higher education students at their college or university, tour a high school, and be welcomed into the family home in a rural village. We can hike or bike through the countryside, enjoy home-cooked meals, or get to know someone over tea.

WSI draws students from across Kenya, so we have places to visit in many parts of the county. Step off the tourist track and have an authentic experience. Then, return to the safari circuit to see the famous wildlife.

"Our hosts welcomed us into their homes and treated us like family. And as we traveled throughout the country, it was clear that the WSI was making a difference not just in the lives of the students, but also in the broader community. If you have the opportunity to take a trip to Kenya, do it."

- Kevin M. (WSI Traveler 2022)

Who should become a WSI Traveler?

Anyone! Please get in touch if you are interested.

  • Existing supporters of WSI with a drive to see where the money is going

  • New supporters of WSI who want to commit to strong support for the organization

Organizing trips for WSI Travelers is a way for the organization to develop deep commitments among donors. For anyone who travelers with us, we will ask for a pledge of support.

Get in touch

A trip with WSI is guaranteed to amaze. We have lived in Kenya and have returned many times, bringing friends, family, and supporters to meet students, tour schools, visit homes and villages, and of course, go on safari. Step outside your comfort zone and learn to see the wilderness and wildlife. It is a phenomenal place to visit.

Interested? Reach out at

During the trip, it wasn’t the animals on safari, or conditions of the schools, or even the outstanding work the students have been doing that surprised me most, it was the student’s parents. The parents continually showed us nothing but hospitality and gratefulness for our presence in their children’s lives.

- Ruby B. (WSI Traveler 2016)

Travel by 4x4

Or by bike!

Meet with high school students

And meet with giraffes!

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