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By Tom Bode, President

Today I received an unsolicited letter from the mother of one of the students that we sponsor. The heartfelt appreciation in it recharges my dedication to provide these students with the education and opportunity that they deserve. The chance to truly change someone’s life is rare, but this letter shows me that we are doing it for these students and their families. There is no way that I could run this program without the support of all of our donors, so please consider this letter addressed to you as well:

Hey Tom, I hope you are fine. We here are all fine. It’s one year now since you were here, we still miss you dearly. Remember God brought you here and you became part of us, that’s why we can hardly forget you. I thank God because if it was not for you, my daughter could not have entered into a secondary school. I thank you. I pray for you every moment that God shall give you good health and bless you mightily. Please pass my thanks and appreciations to the other donors, may almighty God bless you abundantly for your generous support to my daughter. She tells me that, whenever she remembers you, she recalls everything you used to teach them. So, she puts more effort on her studies so that your every support and care to her shall not be in cain. She appreciates. I thank God for that we are alive today. Although you are very far away, remember you are part of us and so more to my daughter as parents. So, I am humbled to have you in my life. Greet Katie so much. I love you and miss you dearly.

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