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A new website, thanks to Larkins Vacura Kayser

WSI is excited to launch a new website today. A website is the face of an organization, and we needed a facelift. Our new website is elegant, easy to use, and will let more people learn about WSI and support our efforts. WSI has grown a lot since 2013, and the new website reflects that growth.

The new website would not be possible without the support of Larkins Vacura Kayser, Tom’s employer, which provided financial support. Larkins Vacura Kayser is, in many ways, similar to WSI. It is not the biggest law firm, but it provides excellent service to its clients by making a personal connection with them. The people at LVK are incredibly smart, they work hard, and they are kind and generous in all aspects of their life. They are also a very good legal team. Those are rare qualities for any group of people and Tom considers himself fortunate to work with them every day. WSI is grateful for the financial support.

WSI also thanks Rae Ward of Creative Rae Co., the talented web designer who created the new site.

In the nine years of the old website, WSI has grown a tremendous amount. It is exciting to think how we will grow in the future. Thank you to LVK and Rae for helping making our future stronger.

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