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Marion's Letter

December 13, 2018

When I think critically and try to figure out some of the people who have helped me in life then I cannot fail to say that World Scholarship Initiative is one of them. You are some of the best people in the whole world since you have shown me endless love and compassion from the time when I joined high school up to now when I have completed my high school life. I lack words to express my gratitude to you, but I pray that God may give me good results in the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Completion exam (KCSE) since it is the only way that I can thank you.

Indeed, you are great people in my life since it is only because of you that I joined a boarding school, something that I had never thought of in my entire life. Also it is because of you that I managed to live a comfortable life in school having been provided with everything including school fees; and yet some of my classmates came from well up families but they could not live such a life.

Surely, you are God sent into lives of many children from St. Paul’s Primary School, me being one of them. We had never thought of living the life we are living right now. Many of us used to speak broken English, never ate lunch, used to walk for a very long distance to school and also were always sent home for coming late to school but now all these have been turned into a lovely and comfortable life. I tell you, many of us now can afford a smile on our faces since we can see light ahead of us.

Personally, I have benefitted a lot since my life is not the same. I thank God for my staying in Christ the King whereby I have matured to be a great women in the future. At least now I have courage to stand before people and speak to them courageously, and this is all because of the chance that I was given to be the school president.

I assure you that Christ the King is a good school since it has enlightened me in my education, it has taught me how to be a good leader, it has given me a chance to explore the country through symposiums and trips, it has also enabled me to participate in sports and games such as netball, football, volleyball, and handball, and in fact, I was awarded a certificate for being the best handball player during the interclass competition.

The words that I have used may sound familiar and useless but from deep within my heart I say “thank you so much.” As for me I urge and plead with you to continue with this program, since by doing so you are touching previous lives of those children who have great dreams and goals, but they are unable to achieve them due to lack of support from their parents and those around them.

In conclusion, it is my pleasure to say that I am very grateful for the support you have given to me and I hope that you will continue. With all those remarks I once more say thank you and may God bless you.

From: Shikokti Marion Mbaisi

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