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WSI Boys

High School Graduation Year:


University Name:

Rift Valley Institute of Science and Technology

Course of Study:

Diploma in Information, Communication, and Technology

University Graduation Year:


Vincent recently wrote to us to express his continued gratitude to WSI. Although he did well in school, initially, he did not earn admission to a university and instead went to work in Nakuru. However, life continued to present challenges for Nakuru and he reached out to WSI for guidance.

Vincent writes: "One day as I was going through the WSI website, I just decided to talk to Mr. Tom and see if he could help. After talking to him this is where everything changed and I thank him for listening to me and talked to the WSI on behalf of me. I explained to him that I wanted to pursue in my studies and start with a diploma and he talked to you guys and thanks to your understanding I was able to look for an institution for my diploma studies. The WSI paid for my registration fee which up to now I am seeing it as a miracle. And I was able to enroll at Rift Valley Institute of Science and Technology doing diploma in Information, Communication, and Technology."

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