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High School Graduation Year:


University Name:

The Co-Operative University of Kenya

Course of Study:

Bachelor of Commerce - Finance

University Graduation Year:


Villitracia graduated from Christ the King in 2016 after four years of support from WSI. She did not gain admission to a four year university, and decided to spend a year studying to reapply. She was successful and gained admission and a scholarship. She is now attending The Co-Operative University of Kenya, where she is studying business. WSI continues to provide support for Villitracia’s education.

When she was a high school student, she was effusive and warm in her appreciation to WSI donors. She wrote: “Thank you all of you who are sponsoring me, for your kind hearts because you have helped with open hands. May you continue being blessed by God and may his blessings be with you wherever you go. I love you all.”

Villitracia is currently attending university, studying business.

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