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We’re Part of the Movement

By Tom Bode

Human rights issues like global women’s rights are on the rise in the public conscience. Here’s an article by New York Times columnist Nicholas Kirstoff about the benefits of educating girls in developing countries.

When I read this article, I notice two things. First, it seems like many organizations promoting education in developing nations are small, grassroots operations. Perhaps this is because this is not a profitable field and the only people who are drawn to it as entrepreneurs (me) and investors (you) are those who believe that the cause is worthwhile in itself. Reading about the success of other small groups makes me believe that we can be successful, too.

Second, I love to read about the future lives of the talented individuals who receive an education through a charitable program like this. Imagine if a dominant shaping force on your life was the charity of strangers providing you with an education. How would that change your conception of the world and your role in it? We’re not only giving students an education, we’re giving them a terrific demonstration of the best of human nature.

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