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Success at Math Camp

By Tom Bode, President

August 24 was the end of the Maseno University Math Camp, which our students attended. It was difficult to organize the registration and attendance of the students from the United States but in the end, our volunteers in Kenya came through for us and everything worked out. Special thanks to teacher Millie Wanjohi, a former teacher of the girls when they were at St. Paul’s Primary School, who escorted the students on the four hour bus ride to Maseno. No one asked her to, but she saw a problem and stepped up to solve it. That’s a rare quality anywhere in the world and I’m grateful that we have her as part of our team.

I heard about the Maseno Math Camp opportunity from a University of Oregon alumni named Tom Denton who works at Maseno University on a Fulbright scholarship. He helped us through the registration process, and at the end, had emailed me with some nice comments about our students:

I’m happy to say that two of the three were students I remember being quite impressed with (and the third may have just been quiet!).  Wafula Triza in particular seems extremely bright; as she’s only finished Form 1, I think it’ll be interesting to see how she develops.  Peris also had a number of good contributions throughout the week.

Tom said that there were 46 students at the camp and everyone left the week happy. He explains the topics that they studied and gives more information about the camp on his blog post about the camp.

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